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Sandpoint Christian School is a nondenominational faith based learning community, partnering with Christian families to promote academic excellence and prepare learners for a lifetime of commitment to Christ.


We encourage you to visit us . . .

~If you are a Christian family who wants their child to have a teacher who shares the same Christian values as your family, then SCS may be the right place for your family.

~If you value educational excellence and believe that academics should flow from a framework of Biblical truths and principles, then SCS may be the right place for your family.


~If it is important to you that Bible classes, prayer, chapel, Christian character, and Christian leadership are an integrated part of your student’s schedule, then SCS may be the right place for your family.

~If it is important to you that your child’s school friends come from homes that share many of the basic common values as those that you are teaching in your home, then SCS may be the right place for your family.

~If you are willing to be an active part of our SCS family as we seek to model what we teach and expect cooperation and participation from each family, then SCS may be the right place for your family.  We actively support parent volunteer involvement as a vital part of your family’s role and student success at SCS.






(1) Academic Excellence

SCS believes in maintaining academic standards, which promote and challenge the learner to maximize the gifts and opportunities given. When working towards our highest level of achievement, we are honoring the exhortation, to “do everything as unto the Lord.”


(2) School Environment

SCS seeks to provide a safe learning environment that is conducive to the development of academic excellence and Christ-like character and behaviors.

As such, we value respectful relationships within our learning community (students, staff, and families) as well as honoring and supporting individual accomplishments and effort.


(3) Personal Growth and Christian Service

SCS recognizes that God has given each individual unique gifts and abilities.  SCS strives to support learners in identifying, developing and utilizing these gifts and abilities for Christian service and God’s glory.


(4) Discipleship 

SCS learning community recognizes the importance of discipleship in the life of young people.  Therefore, our school seeks to minister to and mentor, in cohort with our families, our children in a way that establishes and perpetuates growth in Christ-like character, behavior, and knowledge.


(5) Content, instructional practices and learning outcomes:

SCS acknowledges that God is the source of truth, as revealed through the Bible and person of Jesus Christ.  SCS strives to ensure that our content, resource materials,

instructional practices and learning outcomes are consistent with our understanding of God’s truth as conveyed in our Mission, Vision, and Statement of Faith.


(6) Christian beliefs

SCS acknowledges various scriptural interpretations and emphasis within the Body of Christ. Therefore, we are sensitive to and respectful of differences among believers and seek unity within the Sandpoint Christian Learning Community by focusing on the Biblical teachings represented in our Statement of Faith.

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