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Jenny Pierce - 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Welcome to first and second grade!  My name is Jenny Pierce.  My husband and I have been teaching here at SCS since 2010.  Since graduating from Pensacola Christian College with a master's degree in education, I have completed over twenty years of teaching.  My favorite aspect of teaching young children is their natural love for learning about God and His creation.  Also, I love to see the "light bulb" moment when students learn to read and fall in love with a good book.


Our classroom always starts with a Bible class full of singing, praying, memorizing God's Word, and applying the Biblical events to our lives.  With that spiritual foundation, we move on to learn what the rest of the academic curriculum requires.  Students love to participate in flashcard games, board work, and reading circles.  A spelling game called Sparkle is a class favorite from year to year.  Because of the fun not only in the classroom but also at recess, we end up being one big happy family. Mrs. Pierce's class can usually be heard singing or laughing. We end our day with prayer, thanking God for all His many blessings, answered prayer, and life lessons. 


The 2020-2021 school year already looks to be another great year.  We will be memorizing a Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet.  The first graders have bigger addition and subtraction problems to look forward to while the second graders are excited about multiplication.  We always look forward to learning phonics tools to help us learn to read and spell better.  American History will begin with a unit on maps, move to a unit on monumental Americans, and end with a whirlwind tour of all the fifty states. In Science class, we will be investigating the wonders of animal habitats, dinosaurs, states of matter, and light.  I am looking forward to starting our adventures in September! 

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