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Doug Pierce - 5th/6th Grade Teacher

Hello, I am Doug Pierce. I was born in the Ozarks, but I am no mountain man! I've spent most of my life in Texas and Oklahoma and I'm avid Oklahoma Sooners fan. I earned my undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Pensacola Christian College, where I met my wife Jenny. We have been happily married for nearly twenty years, and that happiness continues to increase with the passing of time. I have four outstanding children: Claire, 17 years old; Garrett, 15; Chloe, 13; and Mallory, 8. I am a veteran teacher of fourteen years, and this is my sixth year here at SCS. I am passionate about the art/science of teaching and the spiritual growth of my students. I enjoy reading classical literature, journaling, attending sporting events, exercising, and traveling. My desire is to live my life story within the parameters of God’s story, His-story.


I am so excited about teaching 5th and 6th grade students! I love to learn, and I think learning ought to be fun. In my class, we spend about 2/3 of the school day in our desks and 1/3 of the school day doing other things, whether it be studying in groups, playing games, searching for info on the internet, doing science activities, re-enacting historical events, etc. I am serious about learning, but I believe we can have fun while we do so. We will strive for academic excellence in each and every academic subject we study.  World History will involve a trip around the world learning about the history and cultures of eighteen different places beginning with Mexico.  In Science class, we will be investigating the wonders of weather, magnetics, animals, and dirt.  I am looking forward to starting our adventures this year! 


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